Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Working on a new drawing

The drawing title is "Angel of Death", which pictures an assassin in motion. The sketching process has been really long but now it's nearly done. Expect a finished piece in a week or 2. You will be able to find it on my deviantArt page.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

deviantArt link

I have a deviantArt account with some recent drawings posted there. I think it will be convenient to give you guys the link for now, until I gather enough drawings to post them here.

Here's the page


Welcome to my blog. Date of creation: 27th December 2007.
This blog will be mainly focused around my progress in drawing, painting and other form of arts.
Over the course of years, I've changed mediums several times, trying out new things to see if I like it or not. Right now I am beginning to learn how to digipaint.
I hope you will enjoy this blog, and feel free to comment or give suggestions about what should be there.